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The Amazing Story Of A Marine Corporal In The Lioness Program Who Was Gone Before Her Time

December 02, 2016

The ratifications of the 19th Amendment and Title IX have given American women opportunities they never had before modern times. The first taste of this was back in the early days of World War II. Back then, more than 18,000 courageous women answered their country’s call and joined the U.S. Marine Corps, giving the term female Marine a true sense of existence. Even though these female Marines weren’t allowed anywhere near the battlefield, they created a precedent for the thousands of women to later join the Corps. This became especially true after the 9/11 attacks on America.

However, just until recently, a policy existed that kept our women in uniform from holding jobs involving direct combat. It was called the Combat Exclusion Law. Even though the directive has since been rescinded, it was still in effect during the Operation Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom. Back then, the Marine Corps created a program of female searchers to help dealing with Muslims women in order to respect Muslims laws and traditions. The Lioness Program was a success, but like with every war story, there are always heroes who make the ultimate sacrifice for their country, leaving us ahead of time. This is one of such stories, Life of a Lioness, the story of Cpl. Jennifer Marie Parcell.


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