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See How The Marine Corps Creates Combat Ready Non-Infantry Marines And Meet The Combat Instructors Who Make It Happen

December 02, 2016

Every Marine is a rifleman. This has been a true U.S. Marine Corps motto for as long as the U.S. Marine Corps has existed. Every Marine is expected, and thus is trained, to be able to perform basic infantry combat skills successfully any time the situation may call for it. It’s one of the things, and perhaps the most important one, that makes a Marine stand tall among all other military branches. An entertainment magazine once said that the main difference between a Marine cook and any other cook is that, come the time, the Marine cook would know how to truly “use a knife”.

Marines are trained to kill in combat and only the enemy of course. But that doesn’t just happen by chance in a vacuum. This video explores the genesis behind the U.S. Marine Corps approach to training non-infantry Marines in basic infantry skills. It gives a unique look at training from the perspective of the Marine Combat Instructors and staff that make it happen. Watch and learn.


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