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Op-Ed: Profile of an Anti-2nd Amendment Radical, Part 2

December 12, 2016

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Last week, I profiled the “Anti-Gunner” as typically someone who doesn’t like guns, has no experience with guns, is fearful of guns and is constantly manipulated by “Anti-2nd Amendment Radicals.” They may not necessarily want your rights taken away, but they would love heavy restrictions and regulations placed on guns and gun-owners. If you didn’t catch Part 1, you can find it here.

Now, I want to describe the “Anti-2nd Amendment Radical.” The two share the same mission but play very different roles.

The Anti-2nd Amendment Radical may have a lot of the same traits as the Anti-Gunner, but they do want your rights taken away. If they can’t take away your rights, they will do everything they can to restrict your ability to exercise those rights. To the Anti-2nd Amendment Radical it is a struggle between your rights and their control. Your rights have no value to them. Your rights are simply some virtual concept that only gets in the way of their mission. It makes their work more difficult. To the Anti-2nd Amendment Radical, it is frustrating that a notion so trivial as a “right” can be such an inconvenience to them. To Anti-2nd Amendment Radicals, a “right” is something that can’t be measured, can’t be given or taken away and can’t be debated. It doesn’t make sense to them because it doesn’t come from man and isn’t created by man. A “right” may come from God or the Universe if you are spiritual. Either way, it attaches itself to mankind and is inherent in all of our lives. You see, to those who need control, the worst thing is something they can’t control.

A “privilege” however, is a beautiful thing to a person who seeks control because a privilege is something that is granted by another person or group of people. Privileges are created by man, therefore can be taken away by man. A privilege is a perfect form of leverage when one man needs to get another man to conform. Anti-2nd Amendment Radicals hate “rights” because they can’t control them as easily as they can “privileges.” Anti-2nd Amendment Radicals understand that in order to affect the rights of people, they need to implement rules, regulations, and restrictions around the rights. Because of the inherent nature of rights, nothing and no one can take them away. A “right” is always there but “privileges” are subject to discretion and often used as leverage or control. Freedom of speech is another example of a right. When the right to free speech can’t be taken away, “political correctness” is implemented. You have the right to say what you want, but there are rules that govern when and where you say them.

Anti-2nd Amendment Radicals fight very hard to make sure that all law-abiding people are unarmed and defenseless regardless of the 2nd Amendment. I talk more about the strategies they use and the reasoning behind those strategies in Good Gun Bad Guy. Anti-2nd Amendment Radicals claim the Constitution is outdated and they are the ones who would be cheering in the streets if our 2nd Amendment was erased from the Bill of Rights. Remember, the 2nd Amendment was not written into the Bill of Rights as a rule that must be obeyed, rather it was written as a reminder to all, that an inherent human right exists.

There is no compromising with Anti-2nd Amendment Radicals and there certainly is no changing their minds. Now before you get discouraged, understand that although they fight with a vengeance, they have vulnerabilities and they have yet to experience the power of real Americans when we come together and stand up for justice and liberty. When that day comes, we will put an end to this radical group. Before we do, we need to understand how they think. For a more in-depth look at Anti-Gunners and Anti-2nd Amendment Radicals, pick up a copy of my book Good Gun Bad Guy.

Stick to your guns,

Dan Wos

Dan Wos is an American entrepreneur, author, musician and NRA member. He is the author of ‘Good Gun Bad Guy – Behind the Lies of the Anti-Gun Radical’ The book reveals the corruption and deceit that comes from the anti-gun lobby as it attempts to vilify law-abiding, gun-owning Americans.