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Op-Ed: It Doesn’t Matter What the Russians Did, That Is The Point

December 16, 2016

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The ginormous wail from the sore loser Left is that Hillary lost the election due to Russian interference in our electoral process. Somehow we are to believe that because the corrupt dealings of the largest organized crime syndicate known to man, the Democratic Party, were exposed for the American electorate to see, this somehow gave the election to Donald Trump.

I for one, have a few questions.

Number one, did the Russians interfere in our election like the Obama administration interfered in the Israeli election a few years ago, where they actively tried to defeat Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who brazenly called the Iran deal what it was, a horrible appeasement of a Muslim theocracy by a jihadi sympathizer in the White House? Is that what the Russians did?

Or, number two, was what the Russians did like when Hillary Clinton tried to overthrow the Putin regime in 2012, actively instigating a riot of hundreds of thousands of Russians in the streets in Moscow against Putin? Was it like that?

Or, number three, were Putin’s personal actions like those of President Obama who actively tried, and eventually ousted, pro-Russian strongman Yanukovych from Ukraine earlier in the decade, leading to the annexation of Crimea and the war in Donbass? Was it like that?

I wonder.

The bottom line is that the Obama administration has so politicized the agencies of the federal government that no one knows what to believe. Comey and Clapper are jokes. They are not serious, not to be believed anymore. Wasn’t it Clapper that blatantly lied to Congress over the NSA snooping? Is that the Clapper we are supposed to believe? Or are we supposed to believe Comey, who with all the evidence in the world that Hillary Clinton criminally broke national security laws, decided not to indict her? That Comey?

All the federal agencies now do our communist, Leftist, Marxist, globalist, Democratic Party bidding. None of them can be trusted. That is the story.

I believe the Russians did probably try to get even with Hillary. Putin has a long memory. I’m sure he was getting revenge in a vendetta. The point is, it didn’t matter. The public knew she was a lying, traitorous, corrupt, pay to play thief, who sold a huge chunk of our uranium to the Russians for money. Have you forgotten about that?

Even Obama admits there was no vote tampering. The Russians may have released information. The real story is that they could release information that would harm her, that the public needed to know, because she is a dishonest, thieving monster. Her criminal activity and dishonesty gave the Russians or anyone else the ammunition to hurt her. That is her problem. Think about if she was president, then the Russians or anyone else could blackmail her. That’s a scary thought.

I would be surprised if Russia didn’t do it, because we do it too; it’s a non-story. Trump is the president-elect. Get used to it and get used to seeing America great again.

L. Todd Wood, a graduate of the U.S. Air Force Academy, flew special operations helicopters supporting SEAL Team 6, Delta Force and others. After leaving the military, he pursued his other passion, finance, spending 18 years on Wall Street trading emerging market debt, and later, writing. The first of his many thrillers is “Currency.” Todd is a columnist at The Washington Times, and has contributed to Fox Business, The Moscow Times, the New York Post, the National Review, Zero Hedge, Newsmax TV, Breitbart, and others.He is editor in chief of For more information about L. Todd Wood, visit