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Op-Ed: An In-Depth Look At How The Media Uses Deception To Change Your Perception Of Guns

December 20, 2016

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We all know Maxwell House coffee must be “good to the last drop” because that is what we have been told a billion times. You don’t doubt it. You just assume Maxwell House has developed a coffee brand whose last drop tastes just as good as the first cup. We don’t always think about these things but let’s look at it now, because perception sells products. It also sells gun-fear.

  • What if the Maxwell House tactics are being used by the anti-gun lobby?
  • What if people think guns are dangerous and unpredictable because that’s all they ever hear?
  • What if the notion that guns are dangerous is just not true?
  • What if it really is about human violence and not the gun at all?
  • What if it’s about a government that doesn’t want its people to have guns?
  • What if it’s not really about keeping people safe and never was?

After reading these questions, you might ask yourself if you’ve been misled. “Nah, can’t be! That would just be crazy conspiracy stuff.” What if guns are not unpredictable at all? What if guns are actually very predictable?

It’s true. Guns are designed to be predictable and they are actually used much more often to save lives than they are to take them. So, if it is possible that guns are not the cause of homicides, rather human violence is, have we all been misled? If you were to believe that your government really doesn’t want you to have guns, would you be a conspiracy theorist? Some people would like you to believe that, or even better, fear that.

All the narratives that are used to vilify guns are made up to influence the way you think about guns. Just like when you hear “good to the last drop.” You probably imagine that last bit of coffee being delicious. You might even envision the tipped Maxwell House coffee cup with that last drop of coffee falling out. Why? Because you’ve seen it and heard it forever.

Anti-2nd Amendment Radicals work hard to create and push their narrative to the public. They convince people to believe their lies through the use of propaganda. Every piece of their campaign is important. Acknowledging their tactics is necessary to move forward, but if we are so afraid to confront these attempts at brainwashing society, for the fear of being labeled a conspiracy theorist, we will never get to the point where we can do something about it. Once we accept the anti-gun propaganda as possible, we can start to expose the culprits. If we can’t even talk about the conspiracy or admit it in public, we will never get to the truth. If we’ve been convinced to believe that certain elements of our government and media would never perpetrate such a hoax, we will never take the steps to uncover the truth.

The anti-gun narrative and conversation are designed so we don’t take that extra step and poke at the truth. It’s designed so we don’t pursue the truth for the fear of being labeled a conspiracy theorist. We are taught that we will be labeled a conspiracy theorist for speaking out. That fear is what prevents opposition. Without opposition, Anti-Gun Radicals run roughshod over logical thinking people and further perpetuate the gun-lies. We know that once we are labeled a conspiracy theorist, we lose all credibility, so we tend not to do it, at least not publically. People typically don’t want to go there so we tip-toe around these issues and never really get to the place where we hold the liars accountable. Oh, sure, we will argue statistics all day long, but to come out and say that the government and media are in cahoots to demonize guns and gun-owners, would be crazy-talk. It’s time we start calling out the liars and exposing the fraud.

For a more in-depth look at this and other topics, pick up a copy of my book Good Gun Bad Guy.

Stick to your guns,
Dan Wos

Dan Wos is an American entrepreneur, author, musician and NRA member. He is the author of ‘Good Gun Bad Guy – Behind the Lies of the Anti-Gun Radical’ The book reveals the corruption and deceit that comes from the anti-gun lobby as it attempts to vilify law-abiding, gun-owning Americans.