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Intruder Held At Gunpoint By Homeowner Says She Broke In Because She “Ran Out Of Gas”

December 13, 2016

While driving through Washington County, TX,  37-year-old Devin Denise Brooks ran out of gas. Not knowing what to do, she panicked and decided to break into someone’s garage. But before long, the resident of the home heard some sounds coming from her garage that didn’t sound quite right so she went to investigate. She grabbed a gun and followed the noise. That’s when she found a woman, a complete stranger, going through her personal belongings. The quick thinking homeowner knew exactly what to do as she held the female burglar at gunpoint and called police. The gas seeking burglar was arrested and held on a $100,000 bond. Neither of the women were harmed.

Brooks’ told authorities that she broke into the hope because she was looking for gas. Authorities say the move to break in to a home as a solution was probably one of the dumbest choices she could have made. With the homeowner clueless as to the intruder’s alleged intentions, she had no choice but to assume the worse and prepare to protect herself and her property.

Police also said, “We’re glad the situation resolved without any shots fired or people hurt. It’s always good to see a situation resolved peaceably and the homeowner is able to adequately protect herself throughout the process.”

If you are put in a position to use immediate and deadly force to defend yourself, you don’t have to debate the intentions of the person breaking in. Having a gun in hand enables you to quickly and objectively deal with the intruders. If peaceably, that’s great. If not, you’re covered.