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Essential Winter Workout: ‘Tis The Season To Hit The Gym

December 23, 2016

With a lot of traveling this holiday season, it can be hard to focus on becoming big and strong. However, when you’re in a bind and have trouble finding time to hit the gym, it can be a great opportunity to focus on doing little things to keep yourself active. 

Some of the best exercises aren’t always muscle builders, but are still essential in creating the kind of stability you need to get strong. 

Here are a few exercises that will fit in well in pretty much any program.

DB Power Clean

This one is great! In addition to packing some muscle onto your upper back, you can also improve scapular mobility, which plays a major role in posture. 

Goblet Squat

Goblet squats are great in place of traditional barbell squats. In addition to improving squat techniques, holding a heavy dumbbell in front of your chest is good to give you a little boost to your triceps, pecs, and traps – isometric contractions are totally underrated.

Fat Man Pull

The fat man pull or inverted row is similar to a bent row, but the position forces good technique (you can cheat, but only so much before gravity wins). It’s really helpful to improve mobility in the scapula, and because it includes elbow flexion, it allows you to hit your arms a little bit more as well.