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Check Out This Amazing Footage Of The Best Fast Attack Sub To Have Ever Submerged Into The Ocean

December 16, 2016

The development of modern warfare and the capabilities of diverse military weapons has pushed human ingenuity and creativity to unimaginable heights. This much was evident with the inventions of the airplane and submarine. Even though there were some experimental models during previous centuries, the design of the submarine became far more innovative during the 19th century when they were widely used during World War I after having been adopted by several navies. The only watercraft capable of independent operation underwater, submarines have one of the widest ranges of capabilities of any vessel.

One prime (and perhaps best) example is the U.S. Navy Virginia-class submarine. Also known as the SSN-774 class, the Virginia-class is the world’s most advanced and supremely capable attack submarine that possesses extraordinary endurance, maneuverability, firepower and stealth. With an armament that includes 12 VLS Tomahawk BGM-109 missiles tubes, and 4 MK-48 533mm ADCAP torpedo tubes, the nuclear-powered fast attack submarine can develop a speed of 25+ knots and remain underwater for as long as supplies and maintenance would allow. This incredible footage includes a christening ceremony, launch, and a multitude of other rare internal and external insights of this superb and superior warrior.