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3D Printed Guns Appearing In Gun Control Heavy Australia

December 16, 2016

Two decades ago, Australia enacted a slew of tougher gun laws. However, since criminals don’t adhere to laws of any kind, there is a whole lot of bad happening now in the land down under.

Recently, seven men and two women were arrested, while 14 guns, two stolen vehicles, cash and drugs were allegedly seized during the raids.

But even more troublesome is the high tech 3D printer that was seized which they used to manufacture firearms. The 3D printed firearms were made and redistributed throughout the community. These printers are a new technology that has been used in forensic areas by police agencies. This is the first time they have been seized in this area. Police also seized silver ingots and a sword.

Those arrested in the raid were able to access large quantities of drugs and were also responsible for the trafficking and the manufacture of firearms. The firearms allowed them to carry out serious offenses and presented a significant risk to the community, a community that has made multiple attempts to ban guns.

Nonetheless, there are still more than a quarter million “illegal” firearms in Australia. And now it’s proven that when ‘real’ guns aren’t readily available to citizens, they’re able to print them. Criminals now have free reign to victimize a large portion of unarmed law-abiding citizens.

Hillary Clinton said the Australian gun laws were worth considering in the U.S. during her Presidential campaign.