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Watch what happens when a hydraulic press pulverizes live ammo

Watch what happens when live ammo is crushed under a hydraulic press (Youtube)
November 18, 2016

We all know that a hydraulic press can destroy almost anything with its weight and pressure. But what happens when live ammo is crushed under its weight?

Normally when shotgun shells and bullets are discharged out of a gun, there is a significant blast that occurs. This video is a demonstration to see how extreme live ammo can be.

Many people assume that when the ammunition is crushed under the enormous weight and pressure of the hydraulic press, there would be some kind of blast that would follow it.

What will happen when they are put under intense pressure from a hydraulic press?

A shotgun shell under the press (YouTube)

One YouTuber decided to experiment. The result was a mass of smashed material. No blast at all.

Shotgun shells and bullets are loaded with multiple projectiles called shots. While lead used to be the popular material to manufacture these rounds, but in order to protect the environment, steel, tungsten, or bismuth is now used to make the projectiles. In the beginning, an old non-lethal shotgun load was made of a shell loaded with rock salt, which inflicted wounds that were painful but never deadly. This method was used to scare away trespassers.

In the video, the first ammo to be crushed is a shotgun pellet. The destruction is shown from every angle as the press simply destroys the bullet with ease. While the first ammo is smashed on its side, the next one is destroyed upright. The smashing is the same, and it is amazing to watch the plastic casing ripple and the pellets expelled from the casing.

A 9mm round (YouTube)

Although the YouTuber claims that anyone can try this experiment, since not everyone has a spare bullet lying around in their bedroom, it may not be possible to perform this at home. But more people have bullets than hydraulic presses. That said, it is indeed interesting to see how a supposedly indestructible bullet is crushed into a mangled mess by the hydraulic press.

A hydraulic press is a commonly used machine in everyday life, especially for lifting heavy weights. In several industries, they are also used to crush metals like steel plates, aluminum rolls, and metallic ores. A hydraulic press uses pressurized water (or other liquids) to create force. Hydraulic presses are the most efficient type of press, and also the most modern and widely used but no one has them in their home.