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Watch BMW’s New Short Film With Clive Owen And Dakota Fanning

November 04, 2016

It has been 15 years since BMW Films came out with their first short film called “The Hire”. Now, BMW has created their latest short film called “The Escape” which once again stars Clive Owen as “The Driver”. Many big name actors have previously starred in the short films, including Ray Liotta and Don Cheadle as well as many others.

The film, which is directed by Academy award nominee Neil Blomkamp starts out with a TV news story about illegal cloning experiments being conducted by a company called MolGen.

The company’s plans have been exposed and private security forces have been hired to destroy evidence and deliver the last “specimen,” played by Dakota Fanning, to an unknown customer.

While the security forces are trying to destroy evidence, the FBI is outside trying to get in and stop the security forces.

One of the private security mercenaries, played by Jon Bernthal of “The Walking Dead”, takes the last “specimen” outside where they meet up with “The Driver” so that she can be transported.

While they are escaping the FBI in a car chase, “The Driver” decided to stray off course and betray the private security mercenary by kicking him out of the vehicle. Another car chase ensues, but this time by the mercenary on “The Driver”.

“The Driver” then manages to out-whit and escape from both the FBI forces and Bernthal’s character where him and the last “specimen” arrive at a dock.

Owen then drops Fanning’s character off where both her and Molgen Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Nora Phillips, reunite.

The film is a part of an advertising campaign to show off the new BMW 5 Series.