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Watch an American soldier chase chickens around with a .50 cal sniper

November 04, 2016

Check out this hilarious video of a U.S. Soldier chasing around some chickens and just taking part in some antics while hanging around at the Combat Outpost.

Sometimes, things can get a little boring and what better way to stay entertained than grab a massive sniper rifle and lug it around until you find something to do.

During the War on Terror, day to day operations were becoming mundane and tedious. Soldiers and Marines operated out of small outposts around the countries.

This soldier decides to create some excitement by wearing nothing but ranger panties and what appears to be a sports bra and carry around a Barrett .50 cal sniper rifle.

In order to draw attention from the ANA, the soldier, known as Griner begins to chase the chickens around and yell out “Get on the ground.”


Check it out: