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Watch A-10 Thunderbolt Warthog Shooting Guns, Rockets, And Bombs During Strafing Training Action

November 14, 2016

The A-10 Thunderbolt Warthog is one of the most reliable close support aircraft ever to join the U.S. military. It has seen extensive use in recent conflicts due to its reliability and unique capabilities.

But this kind of performance and reliability doesn’t come by chance or mere luck. The Warthogs, like most U.S. military units, work hard during training to deliver the kind of support that has many calling for an extension of its active duty retirement. Part of that training is called strafing. On it the A-10 practices attacking ground targets from low-flying altitude using aircraft-mounted automatic weapons ranging from machine guns to autocannons or rotary autocannons typically firing 20mm to 37mm rounds.


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