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Voter Fraud Has Been Happening For Years: Non-American Caught Voting 5 Times

November 04, 2016

In 2016 we’ve already seen several examples of rampant voter fraud such as dead people casting ballots and some citizens crossing state and county lines to vote multiple times. Democrats usually ignore evidence of voter fraud because it tends to lean in their favor, and there has been multiple cases through the years of terrible instances of fraudulent voting. In 2015, one non-American citizen was caught voting five times, leaving her with major jail time.

Rosa Maria Ortega, a 35 year old Mexican citizen, was arrested for felony voter fraud in Texas last November. Though Ortega is married to an American and living here legally, she is not a citizen of the country of not eligible to vote.

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Ortega knew this was an issue after trying to register in Tarrant County disclosing that information. When the county rejected her application because she was not a citizen, she tried again a few months later but this time lied and said on the form that she was indeed a U.S. citizen. Ortega never voted in Tarrant county, but she did vote in the neighboring Dallas county a total of five times.

She first voted in the Republican primaries in 2004 and was last recorded as voting in 2014. Her illegal voting has cost her majorly. She gained a second degree felony and is being held in the Tarrant county jail.

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The Obama administration has been intent on not having states verify the citizenship of the voters on Election Day. Under this administration, prosecutors also tend not to prioritize voter fraud, and when they give convictions they’re usually only light sentences. The administration claims that voter ID laws only enhance voter suppression, while opponents say a lack of strong voter ID laws only leads to fraud.