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Violent Hillary Supporters Riot, Burn Flags, & Threaten To Kill Trump

November 10, 2016

After losing the election, angry Hillary supporters took to the streets and the internet to show their distain for President-elect Donald Trump. In firey riots and threats of violence, the angry democratic supporters showed just how crazy politics can make people. States like Oregon and California saw angry gatherings in the streets which resulted in chaos and serious injuries.

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In the early morning hours on Wednesday, just after the election officially went in favor of Trump, a group of about 2,000 people converged on UCLA’s campus and began marching through the surrounding streets. At about 1am local time, a Trump pinata was set ablaze and tossed in a dumpster.

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A demonstration that broke out in Oakland, California poured out onto a major highway, resulting in a 20 year old woman getting hit by a car. The woman was among 200 people that ran onto the highway just after midnight local time which resulted in her getting struck by a Honda Element.

“All I could think of is this is somebody’s daughter — and the fact that it came from this action on the freeway,” a woman in the Honda told SFGate. “I just want everybody to be okay. We need to stick together at a time like this.”

The Oakland protests also resulted in smashed business windows, including those of the Oakland Tribune, as well as burning tire and trash containers along the streets. The disturbed “protestors” also burned an American flag. As seen on the video below, a brave American stepped in to grab the flag and extinguish the flames.

Some Hillary supporters also took to Twitter to threaten the life of President-elect Donald Trump, his supporters, and Vice President-elect Mike Pence.

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Even Lady Gaga, outspoken Hillary supporter, took part in the anti-Trump protests.

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It has been reported that more anti-Trump protests have been planned across the country for Wednesday, though it is unclear whether they will come to fruition. According to NBC4, two are set to begin in Columbus Circle and Union Square Wednesday afternoon.