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(VIDEO) Top 7 sniper rifles of all time

TOP 7 Sniper Rifles in the World (InterestingTop7s/YouTube)
November 23, 2016

Check out this video to see a list of the top 7 best sniper rifles in history, according to Interesting TOP 7’s.

Even though this list excludes several of the favorite and classic sniper rifles in history, as well as several sniper rifles from foreign countries, this list covers some of the best rifles that were ever created and used for sniping.


Several of these sniper rifles are not specific to one country’s military, but instead used by many countries all over the globe.

These sniper rifles are some of the best at what they do and can accurately fire at targets at a range of more than one mile.

Check it out and see if you agree with the list:

Number 7 is the M110. It is an American semi-automatic sniper rifle chambered for the 7.62×51 mm NATO round. This makes it a designated marksman rifle. It was designed and developed in 2007 by Knight’s Armament Co. It features a gas operated rotating bolt action, a 10-20 round box magazine, and an 875-yard firing range. This bad boy has been through two wars.

Number 6 is the M40, which has been around since the 1960s and is a true classic. It was created from the Remington hunting rifle and is available in many different calibers. With a 7.62x51mm cartridge and an 800-meter firing range, this gun has been through the Vietnam War, the Gulf War, the war in Afghanistan and Iraq. It is one of the most reliable rifles ever produced.

Number 5 is the AS50 is British made 50 BMG sniper/anti-material rifle and is manufactured by Accuracy Int. It enables shooters to engage their targets with a high level of accuracy with a 1,800-meter firing range. It allows for a lower recoil than its predecessors. It is a gas action semi-automatic rifle that can be completely disassembled in under three minutes, making it very convenient. It is lightweight, easy to use and completely transportable.

Number 4 is the Tac50 which was produced and manufactured in Arizona by the McMillan Firearms Manufacturing. This weapon holds a special honor by holding the record for the world’s longest kill shot at 2,657 yards — one and a half miles away — using the BMG cartridge.


Number 3 is the Arctic Warfare Magnum. Production began in 1996 and they are still in service today by 20 armed forces. It uses bolt action and is lightweight. It fires the .338 Lapua cartridge, made specifically for sniper rifles. It can fore accurately in all weather conditions and has a 1,200-yard firing distance.

Number 2 is the CheyTac Intervention, which has been in use since 2001. It has been called the deadliest sniper rifle around. It pushes a .400 cartridge and has a range of over 3,000 ft per second. It holds the record for best group at a distance of 2,321 yards.

Number 1 is the Barrett M107, also referred to as the Barrett 150, which is produced by Barrett Manufacturers. It is a .50 caliber, shoulder-fired monster. It is a heavy gun and forced the manufacturer to rework the gun’s weight. It can fire with accuracy at more than 2,000 meters away.

While several on the list are anti-material rifles, they’ve been used successfully for sniper shots with accuracy.