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Watch how shooting suppressed firearms inside a house really works and sounds

Shooting suppressed handguns in a house (NFA Review Channel/YouTube)
November 23, 2016

Have you ever wondered just how effective a suppressor is when fired in a closed-in area? This enterprising young gun owner has pondered this question for ages. He decided to test an array of suppressed weapons by firing them from a hallway in his home to a desolate wooded area that extends for miles behind his home to find out just how loud it was.

The suppressor works by trapping gases between partitions inside a tube and allowing them to slowly release. The slow release reduces the pressure of the gases and quiets the noise of the gunfire. Using a suppressor in a home defense situation will not only protect your hearing and the hearing of everyone you’re protecting, it will also reduce muzzle flash and give you a “one-up” in a life or death situation.

The only thing you may have to worry about, as this gun owner discovered in the middle of his experiment, is the sound of the smoke alarms going off from the smoke off of the gun.

(NFA Review Channel/YouTube)

The YouTuber NFA Review says that a suppressed pistol is more beneficial than a non-suppressed pistol and there are no drawbacks to using one. He will be using a 9mm, a .22, a .45, a Beretta 92, and a couple of others with subsonic rounds.

He is also shooting from his living room which has wood floors and 10-foot ceilings, allowing plenty of surface to contain the noise. He will also be firing 10 rounds from each gun. They are all being fired dry.

Take a look at his test below:

Shooting the .22 first and firing 10 rounds, the sound of the shots isn’t bad at all. He estimates the bullet casings are ejected at a distance of 12 feet.

The 9mm was much louder and more powerful, and even sets off the smoke alarms. He says the smoke was likely from the grease he used to lube the piston and suppressor. He jokes that it’s a good thing the fire alarms sound off so when shooting an intruder, the fire department can be on their way.

After allowing the smoke to clear from the house, it’s time to shoot the .45. It generates more smoke as he fires it, and the smoke alarms sound again.

(NFA Review Channel/YouTube)

Suppressors are a good accessory for improving accuracy and reducing noise. Using them for home defense can increase the effectiveness in highly tense situations and reduce the risk of injury from higher noise exposure.

Currently, suppressors are legal in 42 U.S. states.