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Notoriously Democratic News Anchor Chris Matthews Turns On Hillary Clinton

November 03, 2016

Last week, MSNBC News Anchor Chris Matthews gave a harsh critique on the current administration and told viewers that voting for Hillary Clinton would be voting for more of the same. Matthews, who told viewers he had “a thrill up his leg” with enthusiasm for soon-to-be President Barack Obama, now seems to have lost the thrill over the way the President and his Administration has failed to set the country on the right path over the last 8 years, and acknowledged that Clinton would be no better.

“If you like the way things are the way they are headed in this country. If you’d like to continue the destruction of our manufacturing base, and the jobs that went with it. If you like the uncontrollable immigration, if you like the string of stupid wars from Iraq to Libya to Syria. If you want to say yes to all of that, if you want to keep this all the way it is, fine,” Matthews said, “then vote for Hillary Clinton.”

He continued: “If you don’t like the way things are headed you got a chance to really shake the system the system at its roots. If you wake up on Election Day and it’s the same as it is today, if its the same 4 or 5 or 8 years from now, remember you had a chance really change it up but you were to dainty to do it.”

Matthews rant was given as “advice” for Donald Trump, saying the Republican candidate should be saying all of those things because, while it makes Matthew’s side look bad, in the end it is the truth and Donald Trump should be focusing on that rather than making “stupid headlines.”

“I say this not because I want Trump to win, but because I can’t stand politics being practiced so pathetically,” he concluded.