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Medal Of Honor Recipient Sergeant Dakota Meyer Tells The Story Of Earning His Medal

November 23, 2016

Dakota Louis Meyer, a Medal of Honor recipient, is a veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps and Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan. Being the second youngest living recipient of the honor, the third living recipient for military operations after September 11, 2001, and the first living Marine to earn the nation’s highest combat decoration since the Vietnam War. The efforts of the 21-year-old have been well-documented, a story becoming a legend in the Corps. Dakota Meyer went through a gauntlet of Taliban fire five times to try to save his trapped comrades. He took matters into his own hands due to the many requests for help from the ambushed soldiers that were denied by superiors.

He has written a compelling new book about the war in Afghanistan and the day he earned his medal with incredible acts of bravery on the battlefield, an account the undoubtedly will become a motion picture in the near future. However, like all incredible journeys, Dakota’s story began long before he earned the Eagle, Globe and Anchor. Even though he joined the Marine Corps on a challenge from a recruiter, his hometown friends and family say that his service to his country started well before he graduated boot camp. This is that story.


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