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“Labyrinth” Of Terror Plots Discovered As Troops Liberate Middle Eastern Cities From ISIS

November 29, 2016

A top coalition commander in the U.K. says that a plethora of ISIS’ attack plans have been discovered as their troops continue to defeat the terror organization in cities across the Middle East, The Telegraph reports. Major General Rupert Jones is the second in command of the U.S.-led coalition and revealed that tens of thousands of documents belonging to ISIS have been seized in Iraq and Syria. The documents expose a large number of terror plots the radical jihadists planned to execute on Western nations, telling of all the ways the terror group plotted to maim and kill civilians.

British Army Major General Rupert Jones

British Army Major General Rupert Jones

General Jones said that while the British forces have been steadfast in the fight against ISIS, many of the Islamic State’s external operations hubs have been overtaken as towns throughout the Middle East are liberated from the Islamic State’s rule. The documents found in the hubs reach in the hundreds of thousands, and analysts, including Britain’s security services, are being flown in to rifle through and process the papers, cell phones, and hard drives they’ve retrieved. Experts expect to find what Gen. Jones says will be a “labyrinth of intelligence” once they are able to retake Mosul.

“I am absolutely certain that an extraordinary amount of intelligence will come out of [there],” General Jones said. “It will be a labyrinth of intelligence and we need to get that into the hands of the intelligence agencies.”

Specifically, General Jones said the retaking of Manbij in Syria was instrumental in discovering new information about plots by ISIS, which he refers to as Daesh.

Civils flee the city of Manbij in Syria.

Civils flee the city of Manbij in Syria.

“Manbij was hugely important for external operations. A huge amount of intelligence gathered in Manbij related to threats in Europe and elsewhere,” General Jones said. “What we are now in the process of doing is starting the isolation of Raqqa.”

“For as long as Raqqa is sitting there, they can orchestrate external operations,” he said. “So the sooner it’s liberated or the sooner Daesh are liberated from there, the better.”

“The reason we are all here is because Daesh has demonstrated it poses a threat to our way of life,” he continued. “It has demonstrated very effectively what it can do in Europe and elsewhere. If we want to keep Britain safe, we need to deal with Daesh.”

“I don’t think any of us should be surprised by what Daesh are capable of,” the General said.