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Hundreds Of People Walk Out On Amy Schumer’s Anti-Trump Rant Mid Show

November 04, 2016

Amy Schumer, a comedian and avid Hillary Clinton supporter went on a more than 5 minute long rant about her disdain for Donald Trump. During the rant, hundreds of people in attendance decided to get out of their seats and walk out.

During the show, she decided to stop the show and talk more about gun control and the upcoming presidential race.

After calling Trump an “orange, sexual-assaulting, fake-college-starting monster,” loud boos could be heard throughout the crowd.

During her rant, she asked for a Trump supporter – “preferably one with sleeves” – to join her on stage and explain to her why they are going to vote for him.

The supporter said that he is voting for Trump because he can’t trust Hillary Clinton. Loud cheering erupted in the audience.

After receiving a mixture of applause and boos while taking shots at Donald Trump, she turned on Trump supporters that paid to watch her show.

“I know you’re here to laugh. But you know what, you’re here to choose your life….It’s just too important, so we’re gonna spend five minutes. We’ve got one more minute talking about it,” Schumer said at the show.

Schumer encouraged Trump supporters to leave the show and those that wanted to boo at her would be kicked out.

“Just so you know, from now on, if you yell out you’re going to get thrown out,” Schumer said. “Just so you know. If you yell out, I’ll say go and you’ll be thrown out. So, everybody point to the people booing.”

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