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Hegseth: Mattis Would Restore A Warrior Ethos To The Pentagon

November 23, 2016

On Tuesday, Fox News Contributor and Army Veteran Pete Hegseth weighed in on what Mattis would mean to the Pentagon if he ends up with the position of Secretary of Defense. On Fox and Friends, Hegseth said that Mattis heading the Pentagon would “restore a warrior ethos” that has been eliminated with everything focusing on being so politically correct.

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Hegseth said that the Pentagon has become so politically correct that our “war fighters are wondering if it’s gonna be the lawyers they’re gonna be answering to or whether folks will have their back.”

“There’s no doubt with General Mattis,” Hegseth continued, “he will restore a warrior ethos that you have to have if you’re fighting the kind of vicious enemies these guys fought on the battlefield.”

Host Brian Kilmeade acknowledged during the discussion that in 2013, Mattis was “put in the locker room too early” after being told to retire. “He never even got a call from the President to say ‘thanks for your service’ so there’s gonna be a little of ‘I’m ready to go’,” he added.

Hegseth also said Mattis “understands the nature of our enemy.”

“This is an intellectual guy whose two nicknames are ‘Warrior Monk’ and ‘Mad Dog Mattis’ because he’s smart and thoughtful but he’s a killer,” Hegseth continued. “That’s what we need, that’s what our enemies will respect, and that’s when you restore America’s stature in the world.”

You can watch the full exchange below: