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George Soros Meets With Big Money Dems In DC To “Take Back Power” From Trump

November 16, 2016

On Sunday, George Soros and other top Democratic donors began their multi-day closed-door meeting to figure out how to regroup and “take back power” after their devastating defeat in the Presidential election. According to Politico, the conference included a handful of big money leftist supporters who donated millions of dollars to elect Hillary Clinton. The meeting, which includes appearances from people like Nancy Pelosi, Elizabeth Warren, and Keith Ellison, is the first major get together of Clinton supporters since election night last Tuesday. The get together is being held at DC’s Mandarin Oriental Hotel and is sponsored by the Democracy Alliance Donor Club, a network of progressive big-money donors on the left.

The group of donors rocked by the election results are meeting in order to combat Donald Trump and his intended actions that are set to take place immediately upon taking office. According to Trump’s 100 day plan, the President-elect has big plans to erase much of what Obama built during his eight years in office. Among a slew of other things, in the first 100 days Trump vows to repeal Obamacare, undo every unconstitutional executive action put in place by President Obama, and start deporting millions of illegal immigrants that the left has been adamantly protecting.

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The Democracy Alliance Donor Club, while incredibly influential in shaping the institutions of the left for years, fell short with their approach on ensuring a win for their democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton. The group’s plan to reach out to women and minorities to help tip the election in their favor failed, and the working white middle class voters came out strong for Trump, leaving the leftist group to reassess their strategy for the next four years.

As pointed out by some anonymous sources that spoke to Politico, the group arguably is just a club where elites on the left enjoy the frills and perks of donating money to be a part of something more social than productive when it comes to influencing and winning Washington.

“The DA itself should be called into question,” a Democratic strategist attending the meeting told Politico. “You can make a very good case it’s nothing more than a social club for a handful wealthy white donors and labor union officials to drink wine and read memos, as the Democratic Party burns down around them.”

However, in prepared remarks to the conference attendees obtained by Politico, the President of the Democracy Alliance, Gara LaMarche, told his elite audience, “You don’t lose an election you were supposed to win, with so much at stake, without making some big mistakes, in assumptions, strategy and tactics.”

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LaMarche also added that in reassessing their strategy, they”must take place without recrimination and finger-pointing, whatever frustration and anger some of us feel about our own allies in these efforts,” and he said “It is a process we should not rush, even as we gear up to resist the Trump administration.”

In an email about the meeting last week, LaMarche told the group that the conference would be held in order to reassess “what steps we will take together to resist the assaults that are coming and take back power, beginning in the states in 2017 and 2018.”