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Crocodile Attacks Couple In Pool: Man Jumps Out Leaving Woman To Fight It Off By Herself

November 04, 2016

CCTV footage captured the moment a crocodile in Zimbabwe attacked an Australian woman hanging out in a pool with her friend.

The couple’s late night swim nearly turned deadly after the more than 6-foot crocodile snuck up on them in between two sun loungers and then jumped into the pool at the villa in Lake Kariba, Zimbabwe.

Brendan Fowler, 27, told the Sun, “instinct kicked in” when he saw the crocodile. After it jumped into the pool, Fowler immediately jumped out of the pool to get away from the creature, leaving his 22 year-old friend, Amilia Roberts to fight it off herself.

“The croc pretty much flew over my shoulder and I saw it before it got into the pool,” Fowler said. “From my angle it looked as if it was going to come at my face, so I turned and got out the way.

“It all happened so quickly and I guess it was just instinct that set in,” he added. “I don’t think it is possible to think under those conditions.”

While still inside the pool with the crocodile, she tried to fight it off, but the animal managed to bite her twice.

After making it to the other side of the pool, it seemed like Amilia was safe, but the crocodile turned in her direction again and swam at a ferocious speed towards her. It briefly latched onto her arm, but she was able to free herself and escape with cuts to her elbow, back and shoulder.

After hearing screams, her friend, Sebastian Smyth came to her aid and sprinted outside to see what was going on. He intervened in the attack, helping Amilia to escape.

“I just did what came naturally to me, and I’m sure any man would have done the same thing,” Smyth told The Sun. “Crocs are known to be put off if spooked by an attack.”

Lake Kariba is a breeding ground for crocodiles and according to Brendan Fowler, the lake has been drying up due to the lack of rainfall. Because of the lack of water, crocodiles are searching for new places for water and food.

The video has since gone viral, with many people questioning Fowler’s decision to jump out of the water to get away from the crocodile as opposed to protecting the woman. Other’s have come to Fowler’s defense saying that he acted on instinct.