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British Comedian Unloads On Social Justice Warriors Over Trump Election

November 16, 2016

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Because I believe in full disclosure I will say this: I vehemently opposed the candidacy of Donald Trump. I’m a pot smoking independent with Libertarianish views, and I donated to, proselytized, and voted for Gary Johnson – here’s hoping he uses that donation to pickup an atlas and figure out where Aleppo is. Of course I knew Gary had no real shot at winning – especially after the Aleppo flub, and the ‘world leader’ flub, and whatever other flubs he had after that, that the media was nice enough not to cover.

And I was of course disappointed to see Trump win. However unlike my liberal friends who immediately took to social media to pen pointless open letters, and mourn the death of their perfect progressive society, I actually found one point of immense satisfaction in the Donald’s ‘W’ – social justice warriors just took one on the chin, big league! You see, if there’s anything I oppose more than the Trump candidacy, it’s the social justice jihad we’ve been subject to for the past few years.

British comedian Jonathon Pie responded to the Trump win with a hilarious take down of the absurd identity politics that have been jammed down our collective throats by the regressive left over the past few years.

Pie – his real name is Tom Walker – is a satirical comedian who portrays a journalist. In his latest video he fires away at liberals like Lena Dunham who thought there was no chance their girl could possibly come up short against Trump. Pie beats the left over the head with their own propensity to attack everyone and anyone who disagrees with liberal policies by labeling them a racist, or a sexist.

Comedy aside, Pie actually makes some very salient points. He essentially says that thanks to the left’s self-declared victory in the culture war – which has included the banning of pro athletes from sporting events over their political views, insulting people as stupid or deplorable for having conservative values, and generally shutting down any kind of useful political discourse in the western world.

Thanks to Twitter and Facebook, but particularly Twitter, the left has been taking to the online streets as a digital lynch mob to eliminate anyone who has the audacity to disagree with their particular world view. It’s something that’s been driving me nuts – especially in the manner in which it manifests on college campuses – and I’ve written about it on this site ad nauseam. So to say that a backlash was to be expected might be an understatement.

So at least through his first hundred days, I’ll be happy to drink social justice tears and give Trump a chance to prove himself.