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Woman Home Alone Shoots At Man In Ski Mask Who Forced His Way Into Home

October 31, 2016

An Indiana woman was attacked by a man in a gray ski mask while letting her dog outside earlier this month. The man then forced his way into her home. After the man chased her inside the house, she grabbed her husband’s gun and shot at the intruder, scaring him off.

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While letting her dog outside, Jackie Alexander, a registered nurse for 20 years, noticed a man in a gray ski mask and black jacket outside her home. She warned the man not to come any closer to her, but instead, he pursued her inside the house.

The woman told police that after following her inside the house, he threw her up against the wall in the living room. She got away from the man and then ran into the bedroom to get her husband’s gun. The man followed her into the bedroom and the two began grappling on top of the bed. The woman managed to get positive control of the gun and the intruder ran out of the house. As the man ran away, she fired two shots at him, but he managed to escape.

After he ran away, she dropped the gun on the bed and ran to the neighbors house seeking help, the police report said.

Police later showed up to the woman’s house and found furniture knocked over in the living room. According to the report, there were traces of gun powder in the bedroom, indicating that a gun had been fired, which was consistent with the woman’s testimony. Two bullet holes were found in the closet door and wall. The woman’s shirt was ripped and she told police that the man struck her in the face during the attack while he attempted to rip her clothes off. Police tried to collect DNA evidence to identify the suspect.

“He’s in my space. It was clear that he had intent,” she told Fox 59.“I don’t know if his intent was money or rape or murder. I just knew that he had very bad intentions, and I was scared.”