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(VIDEO) This Is What Happens When You Try To Rob A Smoke Shop In Texas

October 17, 2016

An armed robber realized he attempted to rob the wrong smoke shop last month when the clerk behind the counter pulled a pistol on him and began firing.

Video surveillance of the incident captured the whole scene.

A man with a gun enters a smoke shop in Houston, Texas and points it at the clerk, Raleigh, who was standing behind the counter at the time of the incident.

Raleigh immediately reacts and draws a CZ-75 SP-01 9mm pistol and fires at the robber.

Without dropping his cigarette, he furiously fires at the armed robber, forcing the robber to sprint out of the store and while doing so, breaking the glass of the door to enter the smoke shop.

The robber then sprints off down the street while the clerk goes to the front door to make sure that the armed robber took off.

“I took one step to the left and let one loose on the ground near him,” Raleigh told the Houston Chronicle. “Westheimer is only about 50 feet in front of the store so I shot at his calves. I didn’t want to hurt anybody going by the store.”