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Watch This Massive Rogue Wave Nearly Submerge This Vessel

October 03, 2016

Watch what happens when a sea going vessel confronts a massive rogue wave head on. The wave in the video may not look like the biggest wave you’ve ever seen but don’t let the video fool you, its more than most ships could handle.

Rogue waves are large and spontaneous and can appear without warning. They can also be defined as a wave whose height is more than twice the size of average waves in the area.

Based on the calm demeanor of these sailors you might think that this wave isn’t anything to think twice about. When it hits the windows you’ll see the true power of this amazing natural phenomenon. Hold on to your hats.

The video is titled “…Navy Ship” – who knows what ship it is? The uploader of the video is “BunPham” so it may not be a U.S. vessel.