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VIDEO: Police Officer Hits Disabled Veteran For Using Disabled Parking Spot

October 03, 2016

Watch this video from earlier this year showing an out of line police officer harassing a disabled veteran. 28-year-old U.S. Army Combat veteran Isiah James was at a local strip mall picking up some alcohol when he was accosted by a police officer that decided James “wasn’t disabled enough” to use a handicap parking spot based on his ability to walk the short distance from his car to the store.

The 20-year officer, Riviera Beach, FL Police Sgt. Garry Wilson, hits James and knocks his phone to the ground where it cracks. Ultimately Wilson was sued on battery charges but was found not guilty since there was only proof that the phone was damaged and Wilson no video proof of Wilson hitting James hand.

James served two tours in Iraq and one in Afghanistan. He was permanently injured after suffering through three separate IED attacks. He is 90 percent disabled and has all the necessary paperwork to back it up. For some reason that isn’t enough for this officer.

The two men come dangerously close to reaching their boiling points before a cooler-headed police officer comes in to mediate the situation.

While the jury did not find Wilson guilty of battery, they did find him guilty of of criminal mischief. The judged ordered Wilson to six months probation but the charge is typically punishable up to 60 days in jail. Wilson will not have anything criminal on his record.

Wilson must also reimburse James for the phone.

Wilson said he simply asked for verification that James was disabled. Wilson said during testimony that he has never had anyone get so hostile, so quickly to a question and that he just wanted to verify that James could use the spot.

“He immediately started cursing me,” Wilson said of James. “I don’t think it was warranted.”

James said he pushed back because he says Wilson had no right to investigate if he was approved for handicap parking or not. He then started recording.

You watch and you decide.