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Veteran-Owned Havamal Fitness Creates Custom Workouts For Veterans

October 20, 2016

Joshua Raymond-Castro is an American veteran, entrepreneur, and the proud owner of Havamal Fitness; a veteran-centric company that is creating a new way to tackle physical training and fitness.

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Havamal Fitness offers online and on location(if applicable) custom fitness plans that are specifically tailored to veterans so that they can meet their needs and goals. American Military News spoke with Castro and he summed up exactly what they do, he told AMN:

“We write custom fitness programs around the individual. We take a snapshot of each person we talk to, and we cater mostly to veterans, and we write a full fitness program, everything from what to do the moment you walk into the gym to what you need to eat when you’re finished.”

Castro left the military after serving eight years in the U.S. Marine infantry. One of the first things he did after leaving was get a job at a local gym. Before long he was working one-on-one with D1 Athletes. He created custom fitness plans for elite college athletes that were ready to take the next step to the big leagues and former pros who were trying to whip their bodies back into shape.

Somewhere along the lines it clicked for Castro. He knew that what he was doing for these elite athletes he could do for the men and women he served with. Many veterans become accustomed to the structure and rigidity that is part of military life. Once they leave the military and that structure vanishes many of them feel lost. Havamal Fitness doesn’t just provide these veterans with the knowledge and resources they need to get in shape, they also help by providing direction and support for veterans that need it.

“A lot of veterans realize it’s back to reality, I’ve gained 40 pounds and I don’t know what to do with myself now that I don’t 1st Sergeant out there running me seven miles every morning anymore. When you walk into the gym its easy to get over exposed. We basically say this is what you’re going to do, here is your workout for today, this is what you’re going to eat.”

However, Havamal Fitness is far more flexible than the military. They provide the direction and instruction that many former soldiers need, but they do it based on the veterans’s schedule and needs. Whether they want to work out in the morning, at noon, or late at night Havamal Fitness can create a plan just for them.

The program has been extremely successful. Castro told AMN that the veterans he has worked with enjoy being able to take the flexible structure they provide and apply it to their lives.

Castro told AMN that, ultimately, the purpose of the program is to:

“help these vets become the best version of themselves that they can be. No one is too far gone.”

If you would like to learn more about Havamal Fitness you can visit their Facebook page here or contact them directly by emailing: [email protected].