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US Marines Training With Real M67 Frag Grenade Show Us What A Series Of Grenade Explosions Looks Like

October 28, 2016

Hand grenades have been around for a long time. Derived from the French word for a “small explosive shell”, a grenade is simply put a small bomb typically thrown by hand. The M67 hand grenade is the new kid in the block when it comes to hand grenades. It’s a further development of the M33 grenade, which itself was a replacement for the grenades used during the Korean and Vietnam Wars, and the older “pineapple” grenade used since World War II.

The M67 fragmentation hand grenade has been in use since the latest stages of the Vietnam War, and it has an effective casualty radius of about 49 feet. Because of it’s long history of use we’ve seen it in countless movies and video games. However, real world is very different from the virtual world. Who else would be better than U.S. Marines training with the real thing to shows us exactly what a real detonation looks like?


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