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Take A Video Tour Of The USS Columbia And Learn Why It’s Called “The Last Slider”

October 20, 2016

Submarines have a long stemmed history in the operational annals of the United States, with its pinnacle during World War II. Back then only 1.6 percent of the total U.S. naval manpower at the time was responsible for America’s success on its Pacific high seas. More than half of the total tonnage sunk during that time was credited to U.S. Navy submarines.

Nowadays, all combatant submarines in the U.S. Navy are nuclear-powered, with three major strategic subdivisions. First, ballistic subs have a single strategic mission: carrying nuclear submarine-launched ballistic missiles. The rest of the combatant submarines are attack submarines whose tactical missions include sinking enemy ships and submarines, in addition to launching cruise missiles and gathering intelligence. The USS Columbia (SSN-771) launched on September 1994. When it took the massive slide down a 1300-foot wooden ramp, the USS Columbia was the last American submarine to do so, giving her the title of “The Last Slider.” Come aboard for a short tour and dock leaving with America’s Last Slider.


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