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Jihadi Migration To Europe To Follow The Battle For Mosul Warns EU Security Commissioner

October 18, 2016

European Commissioner for the Security Union Julian King has issued an official warning to the European Union telling its leaders that a migration of radical Islamic terrorists to Europe may follow the liberation of Mosul, Iraq. Earlier this year he stated that even a small number of ISIS jihadis infiltrating the EU could cause “a serious threat that we must prepare ourselves for.” He states that European authorities and leaders must be more vigilant than ever. ISIS fighters are not expected to attempt to enter Europe in droves after they are pushed out of the terrorist stronghold that is Mosul. It is believed they will instead flee to safe zones in Syria.

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There are approximately 5,000 ISIS fighters remaining in the city of Mosul. Approximately 2,500 fighters with European roots are currently located in the surrounding areas and battle zones. These terrorist fighters are vastly outnumbered by approximately 34,000 Iraqi security personnel, Kurdish fighters, Sunni Muslim Arab tribesmen and Shia Muslim paramilitaries that have been brought in to retake Mosul with help from the U.S., France, and other nations.

King warns that even a small fraction of these brainwashed Jihadis infiltrating the EU could have massive reprocussions. The fight to prevent these ISIS fighters has received support from an unlikely source, the people of Mosul. Fed up with the constant fighting that has ravaged their city the citizens of Mosul have been using recently reactivated phone lines to contact the U.S. coalition and tip them off to ISIS fighters locations.

Steven Nabil, an Iraqi-American journalist states that Mosul residents have sent out hundreds of messages in the past few days that detail the location of ISIS strongholds, particularly those in residential neighborhoods. The goal is to ensure that all ISIS fighters do not escape when the city is liberated.

King states that a mass migration is unlikely to happen while at the same time urging European leaders to tighten border security by being on the lookout for phony documents that can be used to trick customs agents and to keep a close eye on anyone that has been flagged as a potential “lone wolf” attacker in their respective countries.