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Gun Shop Vandals Caught On Tape Destroying Trump Sign

October 26, 2016

The 2016 Presidential Election has seen more scandals, violence, and crimes between feuding parties than any other election in recent memory. Many of these vandals are targeting the campaign signs of both major party candidates. Maccabee Arms LTD, a local gun shop located in Reno, became the latest target.

The gun shop displaying their campaign signs in support of the Trump/Pence ticket found them all spray painted one morning. Unfortunately, this type of act has become quite common.  Sharon Oren, owner of Maccabee Arms said, “They think their rights are more important than mine. And to vandalize somebody’s personal property in the name of a political affiliation is horrible.”

Police encourage victims to try to get the act of vandalism on tape. Most of these vandals are not prosecuted or even arrested due to a lack of evidence. The owners of Maccabee Arms are fortunate enough to have caught the act on tape and have submitted it to police.

However, in most of these cases, officers don’t have enough evidence to go after the people responsible. The owners of Macabee Arms are fortunate. Oren said, “You see them stopping before they come towards the shop. Putting their hoodies on, their masks on. They stop in front of our business and they vandalize the sign.”

This type of vandalism carries charges of trespassing and vandalism. Officer Tim Broadway, with the Reno Police Department said, “You’re looking at several charges. Just be more open minded with this political season. If you don’t like the candidate running, don’t look at the sign. Keep driving by. Just don’t destroy people’s property.”

The owner of Maccabee Arms wants to see people set aside their differences in the weeks ahead of the election. “It’s up to you and me, left or right to hold hands and assist one another,” said Oren. The first offence carries a fine of $1200, it can be classified as either a misdemeanor or a felony.