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California Town Trying To Literally Abolish The 2nd Amendment

October 17, 2016

Oak Park, California resident and UIC professor, Piergiorgio “George” Uslenghi, hopes to seek support to literally abolish the Second Amendment. The reason, he says, is because he is thinking about friends and family. Uslenghi said, “I became very concerned over the last few years at the rate of murders that have been going on because of handguns and firearms. The original intent of the Second Amendment was really to protect ourselves from tyranny. That was 200 years ago. No civilized nation allows citizens to carry loaded pistols in their pockets.”

As a result of Uslenghi’s efforts, a non binding referendum will appear on the ballot in Oak Park Township, in November. Voters will have the chance to repeal the Second Amendment of the United States and to allow Congress to mandate future gun licensing and regulations. The referendum question will read: “Shall the Constitution of the United States be amended as follows? The second article of amendment to the Constitution of the United States is repealed. The United States Congress shall regulate the licensing and use of arms.”

Uslenghi admits that he would ideally like to see the Second Amendment completely abolished and to allow Congress to decide the future of gun ownership. “I’m not against the reasonable use of firearms. I don’t object to hunters having firearms. I’m also not against people having a pistol by the side of their bed. I object to people walking around with a loaded gun in their pocket.”

The only requirement for citizens that want a referendum added to the ballot is to gather 15 signatures from registered voters within that township and submit them to the township clerk by March 1. Uslenghi obliged and it was approved to be added to the November ballot. Uslenghi’s response was, “If people were not allowed to carry loaded guns, I think the police would be much less defensive. People are scared. If they knew the person they are pursuing doesn’t have a weapon, they would be much less likely to fire. I think the murder rate, even by police, would go down drastically.”

Those who oppose Uslenghi’s efforts, including Richard Pearson, executive director of the Illinois State Rifle Association, say that making such a radical change to the Constitution would not meet success and his organization plans to oppose the referendum. He said that most of the people who use guns to commit crimes simply ignore the laws and the Second Amendment. “Somehow, they think doing away with the Second Amendment will make everybody civil,” Pearson said. “But it would do quite the opposite.”