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British ISIS Sympathizer Suicidal Over The Middle East’s Lack Of Fish And Chips

October 11, 2016

Sajid Aslam, a British man that reportedly traveled to Syria to aid ISIS militants, has stated that he now feels depressed and homesick and wants to return to his home town of Walsall, England. Aslam states that a noticeable lack of fish and chips is a major reason he wants to return to his hometown in England, a town famous for its abundance of fish and chip shops. He told reporters via email:

Walsall is known for its many chip shops – and I often long for fish and chips!

The 34-year-old is part of a trio that made their way to Syria in 2014 in order to provide support for ISIS. He is currently wanted by British authorities for engaging in terroristic activities and is living near the Syrian border in Turkey. The man that helped Aslam reach Syria, Ayman Shaukat,  is currently serving 10 years in prison for helping several radicalized Muslims leave England to join ISIS in the Middle East. Aslam fled England in secrecy thanks to help from Shaukat.

Aslam states that the culture shock has left him in a constant state of depression and anxiety, feelings he never experienced while living in England. He misses the culture he left and is flat out unhappy living in the Middle East.

“I don’t ever feel happy as such anymore – just varying degrees of depression and sadness, fluctuating between melancholy at best and suicidal at worst.”

Aslam claims he is innocent. He states that he fled England under suspicious circumstances so that he could participate in his one true passion, helping victims of the war in Syria. It appears that Aslam is not actively helping Syrian war victims. He is working the same job he did while living in England. He claims to be trapped in Turkey, working as a school teacher, and is unable to return to Britian due to a “plot” against him.

Aslam’s wife, Lorna Moore, served two and a half years in prison for concealing his plans to travel to the middle east to join the terrorist organization. She planned to join Aslam in Syria with her three children but was prevented from leaving the country by British authorities.