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White House Press Sec. Calls Terror Fight “Just A War On Narratives” And Touts Administrations Efforts

September 19, 2016

White House Spokesman Josh Earnest made a few morning show appearances today to tour the “successes” the Obama Administration has made against ISIS and downplay the fight as “a war on narratives” all on the heels of multiple terrorist attacks carried out on American soil over the weekend. While Earnest was out campaigning for the White House two days after the attack, the Commander-in-Chief had yet to take a break from fundraisers to comment on any of the terrorist attacks.

First, Earnest appeared on MSNBC and was asked what the Government is using to battle the new age of “lone wolves” in the fight on terror.  The White House Press Secretary responded that they’ve been successful in working with Internet companies to help thwart the capabilities radical terrorists have to spread their hateful rhetoric online so we can fight back by spreading the message of peaceful muslims because in the end it’s all really “just a war on narratives.”

“They’re trying to poison the minds of vulnerable individuals,” he said. “If we can prevent them from trying to do that, we can do that. There has been a stepped up cooperation from technology companies to do that.”

“The other thing that we can do is work to try to lift up the voices of prominent patriotic Muslims in the United States. There are millions of them!” Earnest exclaimed. “They can speak to the poisonous, empty bankrupt mythology that’s being propagated by ISIL.”

“In some ways, this is actually just a war of narratives,” he said.

Later, Earnest made an appearance on Fox News and touted the successes the Obama Administration has made in the war on terror, despite the fact Americans felt the enormous effects of terror in the United States during the 48 hours before he made the claims.

“We continue to apply significant pressure to ISIL leadership, we continue to make grounds against ISIL on the ground.  No longer is this a terrorist organization that’s on the march across Iraq and Syria.  This is an organization that’s in retreat because of the effective leadership that President Obama has shown,” he said.