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Watch this Absolutely Crazy Compilation Of Drone Crashes, Fails And Wins

September 02, 2016

Drones are attracting an incredible amount of attention in America nowadays. The attention being devoted to the new drone fever is so intense that drone sales are surpassing every conceivable and inconceivable expectation. The unmanned marvels of our time are finding applications in almost all areas of life. From the military to the delivery of your groceries, drones are seemingly everywhere.

Gone are the days where uniformed men needed to be put in harm’s way in the pursuit of intelligence or to deliver ordnance on enemy positions. In its place are now incredible machines that can be operated from afar, in some cases hundreds of miles away. Surveillance and delivery seem to be the next frontier in the drones era. Because of that, compilations like this are in order. This video is not only funny, it also highlights the limitation and potential pitfalls of these wonders of technology. See for yourself, and get a good laugh in the process.


Have you ever controlled any of these “toys”? Sound off and share your opinions and comments in the section below.