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Watch “Safe Space” Social Justice Warriors Invade Free Speech Meeting At Univ. Of Kansas

September 27, 2016

A group of social justice warriors invaded a free speech meeting about “safe spaces” that was taking place at the University of Kansas.

The group of people that invaded the meeting and were in favor of “safe spaces” interrupted a meeting being held by a conservative group group of students holding a Young Americans for Freedom Meeting.

The confrontation between the two groups was caught on video.

The social justice warriors began calling their fellow students that were a part of the Young Americans for Freedom “racist” and “white supremacists.”

The group can be seen shouting during the meeting and demanding that they have the right to “safe spaces.”

One of the protesters at the meeting repeatedly bangs on the table and says that by defending free speech, “hatred” is being promoted.

“I don’t study in the library because I don’t feel comfortable with people always wondering what my gender identity is and how I express myself, and I don’t feel comfortable being in classrooms where I am supposed to speak as a transhuman and as a queer person as all queer people,” one student said. “That shows you that there is a problem with this institution about there not being—that these students are not being taught that they are supposed to create safe spaces.”

We have to carve out places and fight for places that we feel safe because not only will we get harassed, we’ll be murdered, we’ll be all this stuff and discriminated against because we have to do that. It’s not because we want to,” a protester says.

When one of the conservative students says that safe spaces are a retreat from intellectual ideas that one person does not agree with, one protester becomes agitated.

“I am not retreating! I’m making myself safe and comfortable,” the student says. “If I want this space, I can have this space! It’s my right to have this space!”

When chairman Gabe Lepinski referred to one of the protesters as “you guys,” one protester shouted, “Do not call us guys. That is a micro aggression.”

The protesters became agitated when a transgender student became agitated by the wrong pronoun being used.

“My pronouns are ‘they’!” the transgender student cries at one point. “So from now on, when you refer to ‘them,’ use ‘they’ and ‘their,’ because we’ve shown you the respect to refer to you by your name. So from now on you will refer to them as ‘they,’ because that is the appropriate thing to do when you are above the age of [expletive] 12.”

One of the protesters said that several students have advantages over other because of “institutional racism” and “white privilege.”

“You still reap the privilege of the genocide of Native Americans and slavery,” one protester adds.