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U.S. Marines Train With Remington M40 Sniper Rifles During Exercise Agile Spirit 16

September 16, 2016

The name Remington is legendary in the gun business. With business spanning a period of over two centuries, the name Remington evokes quality firearms. However, how good are quality guns if there’s no one that would know what to do with them? U.S. Marine Corps Snipers are like kids in a candy shop when they get their hands on a quality firearm. Not only do Marines like guns, they truly know what to do with them. It is easy to understand then, why Remington firearms and U.S. Marines are such a match made in heaven.

In this video, the U.S. boys show the other boys how to play with a Remington rifle. U.S. Marine Corps Snipers fire the Remington M40A6/7 Sniper Rifle during Exercise Agile Spirit 16 in the country of Georgia. Boys will be boys.


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