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The Secret NYC Facebook Group That Honors The Twin Towers Every Single Day

September 11, 2016

A private Facebook group titled, “The Twin Towers of the World Trade Center” is a growing group of 6,000+ people who loved the World Trade Center’s Twin Towers. Each and every day people post photos, memories and recollections of the towers. To many Americans the towers were an idealized memory that most never experienced firsthand. For millions of New Yorkers the towers were the tallest thing in the sky as reliable as the sky is blue. You could look up and use them to guide where you were going. They were practical and idealistic as the same time. They were just there. They were New York City.

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Thousands upon thousands worked in the towers every single day and millions more commuted past them each week and month. They were not just part of the New York City ethos – they WERE the ethos. A beacon for how great the city was and that anything was possible in the great city.

When the towers came down due to radical Islamic terrorists who want to destroy America and the Western way of life, they just didn’t take down buildings, they hit tens of millions of NYC metro region residents, and all Americans right in the heart. Millions were and still are emotionally connected to the towers that today is impossible to explain.

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This is not a group that is overtly, flag posting patriotic, political people. However, around 9/11 the members of the group do post a tremendous amount of patriotic material. It’s a group of people that simply remembers the towers as millions experienced them – just there, every day, to look at while eating lunch, to ride the elevator and just a staple of daily live in New York City.

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Here is the group if you’d like to join:

The group’s description has all the facts about the towers and a description of 9/11’s events.

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It’s a group of people that still need, or want, or both, to see the towers every day, just like they did before they came crashing down on the most horrific day in American history.