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See some of the worst booby traps & snares North Vietnam unleashed on unsuspecting American soldiers

Booby traps in Vietnam (Screenshot/Youtube)
September 01, 2016

This documentary “Dirty secrets of Vietnam – Booby Traps & Snares” explores some of the most heinous and disturbing booby traps that decimated the ranks of American soldiers during the Vietnam war. Punji traps, whip traps, Tiger traps, and even pineapple cluster bombs were used to injure and kill American soldiers paroling the area.

The traps were often coated in feces or local poisonous plants with the intent of causing slow and agonizing deaths to slow the progress and increase the suffering of anyone that fell victim to the hidden horrors in the jungle. Many of these devices were so traumatizing that they still haunt many Vietnam veterans to this day. It is believed that up to 30 percent of Vietnam veterans have experienced war-induced PTSD. This is one of the highest rates of PTSD among soldiers for any modern war. Many attribute this high rate to the horrors and unleashed by these man-made traps.

In the video below, you’re given look at the different traps that were used during the war against the American troops. Many of these traps were constructed out of primitive materials, but they were sadly dangerous and effective. Special units were sent out to search for and ideally deactivate the traps in certain areas to prevent the American troops from falling victim to them.

Soldiers being cautious in Vietnam (YouTube)

In addition to having to look out for stationary traps, the American troops also looked out for children who carried hidden bombs. These children usually carried a stack of grass or straw with the bomb hidden inside. Immediately before detonating the bomb, the child would run towards a cluster of American soldiers. Attacks like these were sadly quite common and resulted in many casualties.

Searching the area for mines (YouTube)

Landmines were a major threat to the American soldiers and they patrolled certain areas with mine detectors to avoid them. Another trap that the American troops looked out for were punji pits, which featured needle sharp bamboo sticks at the bottom. These pits were covered in grasses and other natural materials to surprise, trap, and potentially kill the victims that walked over them. The enemies also built complex tunnels and other fortifications, which were destroyed by Marine Combat Engineers after they were taken over.

Soldier shows handmade explosives (YouTube)

The wet and swampy jungles of North Vietnam were quite a challenge for the American troops to traverse and the complex booby traps certainly didn’t make it any easier for them to execute their missions. It took a lot of strength, determination, and courage by the American soldiers to put up with these harsh conditions.

Watch the video below to learn even more about these barbaric traps.