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Rep. Chaffetz Publicly Slams FBI With Subpoena For Protecting Clinton By Withholding Documents

September 15, 2016

House Republican Jason Chaffetz publicly slammed the FBI with a subpoena on Capitol Hill during a hearing over Clinton’s private server on Monday.  The House Oversight Committee Chairman laid into Jason Herring, the FBI acting legislative affairs chief, for not turning over the entirety of the documents Congress requested to see pertaining to the Clinton email investigation.

You don’t decide what I get to see,” Chaffetz told Herring. “I see it all.”

The highly unusual move of issuing a subpoena in such a manner came after it became evident that the FBI had only turned over a handful of investigative summary documents, known as 302s, to Congress. With much interrogation, the FBI admitted they specifically handpicked and deemed which documents were fit to turn over, claiming to leave out pieces that were classified or contained personal information. 

However, as Chaffetz pointed out, under the constitution Congress is exempt from the privacy act, meaning they are allowed to see documents that contain Personal Identifiable Information.  

FBI Official Jason Herring during Monday's Hearing

FBI Official Jason Herring during Monday’s Hearing

Herring ridiculously proposed an option for Chaffetz and his constituents to be able to obtain the withheld documents: putting in a FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) request, a process which would likely keep the remaining documents under wraps until after the election.

“You mean I gotta fill out a FOIA request?” Chaffetz asked, in shock.

“Here’s the problem, you handpicked the 302s to hand to us.” Chaffetz said. “But the reality is, you should give us all the 302s.”

Without being able to offer any viable reason as to why the FBI would not turn over the remainder of the 302s to Congress, Chaffetz asked one final time, “Will the FBI provide to Congress the full file with no redactions of personal identifiable information?

“I cannot make that commitment sitting here today.” Herring said.

“Then I’m gonna issue a subpoena,” Chaffetz responded, “and I’m gonna do it right now.”

Rep. Chaffetz has been one of the most dedicated representatives to serving the American people and holding those accused of wrong doing accountable.