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Radicalized Daughter Of French Imam On The Run After “Test Run Terror Attack” Near Notre Dame

September 09, 2016

French police have already made four arrests for charges relating to a “test run” terror attack that was carried out across the river from Notre-Dame de Paris. The vehicle, a Peugeot 607,  was found filled to the brim with gasoline canisters on Saturday night. Police report that the vehicle was left unattended with its hazard lights flashing. Authorities were not able to find a detonator in the vehicle but found documents with arabic writing, leading them to believe whoever left the vehicle there was carrying out a “terror attack test run.”  Authorities are now searching for the “radicalized” daughter of a prominent Islamic preacher that they believe may have been planted the abandoned car.

Photo of a Peugeot 607 similar to the one found at Nortre Dame.

Photo of a Peugeot 607 similar to the one found at Nortre Dame.

The first four arrest are comprised of two couples. The first couple was arrested at a gas station in southern France, on Tuesday. According to authorities they were flagged as potential terrorists and placed on a watchlist prior to the arrest. A second couple was arrested near Montargis, France. The 29-year-old female was also reportedly on a terrorist watch list and allegedly had plans to flee to Syria with her boyfriend when they were arrested.

Police are now looking for the radicalized daughter of the owner of the vehicle. There was no registration or plates at the time the vehicle was discovered. The owner of the car went to police on Sunday to report that his daughter had gone missing with his vehicle. Police were also able to retrieve DNA samples from the car to identify the owner, who is also reportedly on a terrorist watch list. The owner of the car was taken into police custody for questioning but was eventually released.

French police believe the Muslim preachers daughter is on her way to Syria to join the ranks of ISIS. France is still on high alert after over 200 people were killed by terrorist attacks in the past year and a half. A state of emergency is in effect, giving police additional search and arrest powers. Police are utilizing this advantage to interrogate and search the homes of anyone they believe may know the whereabouts of the missing daughter.