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More Than 80 Guns Stolen From Gun Shop In One Minute

September 06, 2016

The Wabasha County Sheriff’s Office is searching for three suspects who broke into and stole more than 80 guns in the course of roughly one minute at a Minnesota gun shop.

The sheriff’s office said on their Facebook page that the three suspects broke into the Millville Gun & Rod Shop around 5 am and stole more than 80 guns and ammunition. 

The owner of the store, Keith Shones, heard the break-in while his wife was getting prepared for work and his step-daughter was feeding Shone’s wife’s baby. The step-daughter opened the garage door thinking that someone was messing around with her car, but after hearing breaking glass, she realized that the gun shop was being broken into.

Surveillance video from the shop shows two men breaking into the store through the front door by using a blow torch. The three suspects melted the cable wires and then broke through the bars on the windows and doors.

Two of the suspects sprinted inside while one of them stood outside standing guard with a gun. One suspect jumped over the counter and began taking out guns from glass displays and from walls. Another suspect began shoving ammunition into a backpack.

From where we’re standing right now to my kitchen is about 24 feet away,” Shones told Kare 11. “My wife was getting ready, she was out of the shower, dressed, ready to go to work. If she would have walked out to her car, maybe they would have gotten startled and shot.”

“They didn’t care if anybody seen them or not,” Shones said. “They were ready for a fire fight.”

Shones said he isn’t worries about the robbers coming back since he has several signs outside that warn people not to steal and that he will take matters in his own hands to defend his property.

“By the time I grabbed my assault rifle and started coming through the door, they were already gone,” Shones said. “If they come back, maybe next time they won’t be so lucky, so that’s something we’re hoping for.”

Following the break-in, Shones counted his inventory and found that 86 guns were stolen from the shop in the short period of time. He estimated that the total estimated value came to around $40,000 but that isn’t what concerns him. What concerns him are the 86 guns that are now on the streets that can be used to commit crimes.

Since the incident, Shones has replaced the bars that surround the gun shop and he has reinforced his security.