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ISIS Selling Yazidi Sex Slaves To Saudi Arabia

September 27, 2016

Sex Slaves captured by ISIS terrorists are being auctioned off at horrific human auctions in Saudi Arabia according to the Sun Online. Members of the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units (PMU)  have recovered images and information from a mobile phone that reveal ISIS fighters are selling Yazidi sex slaves and rape victims to the highest bidders in Saudi Arabia.

The state-sponsored militia group recovered the phone while liberating the town of Al-Shirqat. Disturbing images of a woman being auctioned off were found on the device. Location services then determined the images were taken in Saudi Arabia

The Arab nation has been accused of human rights abuses ranging from degrading punishments to brutal executions several times in the past. A spokesperson from the PMU reported:

“Images were of the auction in Saudi Arabia of the woman and sexually explicit materials of the fighter and the woman in a hotel. Location data was observed on the image file as enabled by default on many smart phones.”

Members of the PMU are now trying to locate the woman’s family so that they can coordinate a rescue attempt. They have made it their responsibility to liberate these women. They issued an official statement:

“We hope to liberate her and all Iraqi women taken as sexual slaves by ISIS within Iraq or outside of Iraq as their basic human rights are being denied. We cannot allow this, as the force dedicated to the defense of Iraqi citizens.”

Earlier this year an 18-year-old Yazidi girl claimed that she was sold at an international auction. She was able to escape shortly after begin sold. She is considered on of the “lucky ones”. ISIS has been particularly brutal to any women that refuse sex slavery. In June ISIS jihadi’s burned 19 women to death in front of hundreds of people in Mosul to make an example out of them.

An investigation is currently being launched to confirm that the GPS coordinates taken from the phone are accurate.