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Green Beret Ted Talk Explains How Rooftop Leadership Will Teach You How To Lead Your Way In Life

September 23, 2016

Scott Man is a former Army Green Beret who served overseas in Afghanistan. During his time in the military and as a Green Beret, he has learned valuable skills that help with becoming a true leader in today’s world.

Man focuses on something that he calls rooftop leadership, something that he learned as a Green Beret fighting against the Taliban in Afghanistan. While in Afghanistan, he had to earn the trust of the Afghan victims that lived in towns that were being targeted by the Taliban. These people were reluctant to work alongside the Green Berets. Because of the Afghan people’s fear to fight back, Man and the rest of the Green Berets were tasked with fighting with them and trying to get them to want to fight the Taliban.While fighting against the Taliban, he and his team had to fight on the rooftop to defend the small villages and towns.

Through example, “leaving tracks” and building connections with people, and getting to a point of no return, the Afghan people wanted to fight back.

The first point that Man has is to create connections with people, building their trust and making positive relationships, something that he learned from a fellow Green Beret who had used this to earn trust with foreign leaders in the Middle East.

The second point that Man makes is to “leave tracks,” which means to create a lasting impression on those that you come across in life and that you want to create a relationship with.

The final point that he makes is to cross something that he calls the “MDL” or the “Mission Decision Line” which is the point of no return where you have to push on forward and complete the task no matter what.

The key facts he highlights are crucial parts of leadership tactics that can be used to lead a person’s life and business.

Scott Man reached out to American Military News so that these leadership concepts can be shared and spread around the world.