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Football Is Back – Here’s How You Can Make Your Arms Look Like They Belong To An NFL Linebacker

September 09, 2016

Former defensive beast, NFL studio analyst, and Taco Bell pitchman Howie Long once said “baseball is America’s pastime, but football is truly America’s passion.”

While I love watching the Mets take the diamond, the amount of people piling into bars and filling my newsfeed with mildly entertaining NFL memes every Sunday makes it hard to deny the fact that America is obsessed with football.

And with good reason – football is an absolute beast of a sport. At the game’s highest level it’s played by men who are arguably the best athletes on the planet.

Football is a perfect mix of power, strength, agility, and endurance (I know the lineman look out of shape, and each play only lasts a few seconds, but seriously trying pushing against an angry, explosive 300-lbs pain machine repeatedly over the course of an entire 60 minute game and tell me it doesn’t require endurance)

So my irony sense starts to get all sorts of tingly whenever I overhear another fan refer to a player as slow or lazy – typically through a mouthful of jalapeño poppers and bud light.

But if you want to look like a pro when you slip on your jersey and get ready to dominate the (fantasy) league, then training like a pro is the only answer.

In addition to being one of the game’s most colorful players, Brian Cushing is also among the most physically impressive.

(Note: If you haven’t seen this video before jump ahead to around 2:50 check it out, then go back and watch the rest)

If you’re wondering how Cushing became such a monster, it was thanks to high intensity training programs designed by Joe DeFranco.

Of course if you aren’t worried about shedding blockers and just want your arms to pop as you explain the intricacies of the Cover 2 to the blonde at the end of the bar in the pink Romo jersey, then coach DeFranco can still help you out.

This arm workout was added to Cushing’s program back in 2012, and in his own words it will make your arms look “sweet.”

Try it out for yourself, but don’t expect me to foot the bill when you have to buy new t-shirts in a couple months.

Eccentric Barbell Curls 2×5 (load a barbell with 95-lbs “cheat” the weight up, and lower it slowly)

Palms-Up Dumbbell Curls 3×10


  1. Band Hammer Curls x100
  2. Band Triceps Pushdown x100

Band Pull Apart x 100

(Light) Wrist Curl x 100