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Duck Dynasty Star Si Robertson’s Son Suffers From PTSD From Serving In Iraq War

September 30, 2016

“Duck Dynasty” star Si Robertson revealed in an interview with FOX411 that after completing 8 tours overseas, his son, who is a U.S. Army veteran, suffers from PTSD. He added that when soldiers return home from overseas, they need to be taken better care of.

Si Robertson is a Vietnam veteran.

“Look we send them off to war OK? We send them over there and we ought to look after them when they come back,” Robertson said in the interview.

“My son had that post-traumatic stress from what he saw over there. He did eight tours of Iraq. I hadn’t thought about it ‘till he had one of those episodes one day. His wife called me, and I went over to help her because he was out of it. And afterward we got to talking and he said, ‘Dad you’ve got to understand. I’ve got three years of that in my mind,'” he said.

Robertson said that he never thought of the struggles his son might have after returning home.

“And I didn’t even think about it that way. We have some of our soldiers who’ve done seven or eight tours either in Iraq or Afghanistan, OK? So they’re dealing with a lot of trauma. We need to do a better job when they come back. Take care of ’em better,” Robertson added.

Robertson said that his son has had problems in the past and attempted suicide when the family was stationed in Germany.

Robertson said that Americans do treat U.S. troops better than they used to in the past and he expects that things will improve in the future because the troops have earned it.