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Watch Outraged NFL Fans Burn Colin Kaepernick Jerseys After He Refuses To Stand For National Anthem

August 29, 2016

Colin Kaepernick has become one of the most controversial figures in professional sports almost overnight. The 28-year-old quarterback for the NFL’s San Francisco 49ers has repeatedly refused to stand for the national anthem. He claims the decision is a response to what he perceives to be constant and systematic oppression of black people in the United States. He has stated that he will continue to remain seated during the national anthem until he believes the problem has been resolved and the flag “represents what its supposed to represent.”

Predictably, his political message has backfired, earning him the ire and hatred of many NFL fans that hold the American flag near and dear to their hearts. Veterans, active duty service members, and American patriots have all turned to burning the former-starting QB’s jersey in effigy. Fans have decided to speak with their hearts and their wallets by destroying their Kaepernick jerseys and running out to replace them with other favorite players from the team.

These NFL fans have let their creative juices flow when it came to deciding how to destroy their once beloved pieces of memorabilia. Some include pictures of the arrogant QB, others use the opportunity to give the former starter a piece of their mind, and, most fittingly, some have chosen to use the national anthem as the soundtrack to their own political statements.

Watch the video below to see how many San Francisco fans are choosing to tell Kaepernick that he doesn’t represent the thoughts or feelings of the entire fan base.

These jerseys come with hefty price tags. Each authentic jersey can range anywhere from $99-$150 but these passionate fans don’t seem to mind. After all, $150 is a meager price to pay to stand up for the American flag when you consider how many soldiers and veterans have given their lives to do the very same.